Gerdes AMC

Antique motorcycles, accessories and parts

Gerdes Antique Motorcycles, accessories and parts

Gerdes Antique Motorcycles is a small business located in The Netherlands, nearby germany. We have more than 25 years experience in buying and selling old motorcycles. We can also sell your bike on a comission-basis. If you have a bike for sale, please call Gerdes Antique Motorcycles and we will be happy to discuss the posibilities with you.

                                     PHONE    (+31) 631678264

Our main orientation is the older segment of the oldtimer-market, from pre-war down to the very beginning of the motorcycle-industry. Spareparts - original as well as new - and accessories are also part of our business. On the following pages a part of what we have in stock. On this page an impression of our premises and workshop. 

We hope you will enjoy your visit and cordially invite you to come back.